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Dennis Giusto.

The name used to remind Italian fans of awesome wheels. Since 2004 IFBB Worlds, the name paints a million pictures of one of the most complete physiques in the Italian national team. In 2011 He has been awarded as the best IFBB Bodybuilder – the most top five placings in a year.

Dennis has always had killer legs. In these last decade he built up the rest of his physique to match his freaky wheels. He puts his expertise, drive, and passion at your service as a certified personal trainer. Dennis follows a religious training schedule that would crush most men.

Notwithstanding he knows how to customize training volume and techniques for his clients in order to reach the highest individualized goals. And he always wears a smile.

If you do what you always did then you get what you always got.

“This session will be hard. This session will always be hard. No, it never gets easy. Your body adapts because we stress it. Therefore, the sessions will always be hard. But you will feel better, because you will have done difficult things you thought you couldn’t do.”

Keep Fit!

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